Mental Health Services for Children, Youth & Families

Welcome to MATC – Shared Health Mental Health & Addictions

This website content is moving. All former Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre programs have operated under Shared Health Mental Health & Addictions since 2022. Up to date program information and additional resources or education supports are available on that website. This website will be removed in November 2024. All services and locations continue to be available through their current contact information.

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Centralized Intake

204-958-9660 or fax 204-958-9626

Centralized Intake for Child & Adolescent Mental Health provides a single point of entry for all services in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Program.

This service enables clients and families to access the appropriate programs and services based on the individual needs of the client and their family.

Referrals for services can be made by families, caregivers, self-referrals, physicians, mental health professionals and other service providers.

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Youth Addictions Centralized Intake Service


Youth Addictions Centralized Intake is a Provincial service that offers information and support to parents regarding the Youth Drug Stabilization (Support for Parents) Act.

It serves to provide information to youth, their families and allied professionals regarding addiction services for youth in Manitoba.

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How we can help

Our services may help If a young person is:

  • talking about suicide
  • changes in behaviour/personality
  • changes in relationships with family/friends
  • extreme mood swings
  • extreme sadness/depression
  • social isolation/withdrawal
  • extreme fearfulness/panic
  • severe reaction to an incident or crisis
  • distress because of abuse
  • aggressive or destructive behaviours
  • serious problems at school
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Need Help Now?

If you are experiencing severe mental health issues, please call 911 or The Link Youth Crisis Team at 204-949-4777.

Mental Health Services for Children, Youth & Families

We provide a range of mental health services to children and adolescents who experience psychiatric and/or emotional disorders. A full continuum of programs and services, both community and hospital based, are available to children, adolescents and their families. Services range from brief interventions to intensive long-term treatment. Treatment is provided from a variety of perspectives and is delivered in partnership with parents and collateral agencies.

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Helping Youth

There are many healthy ways to cope youth cope with stress. Have them:

  • Talk to people they trust about their feelings – email, text, phone, video-chat. This could be a friend, parent, Elder, teacher, counsellor or a phone line support person. Have fun! Do things they enjoy. Remember physical activity/exercise can lower stress and make them feel happier and energized.
  • Find ways to relax. Take a walk, read, listen to music, watch a movie, have a nap, pray, smudge, do yoga or do deep breathing. For more relaxation tips, go to:
  • Ask friends what helps them feel better and cope with the stress.
  • Tell a story about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them: draw, write, sing, dance, journal, take photos.
  • Think about times in the past when things were difficult for you, and what helped you get through the hard times then.
  • Help support others. When feeling stressed, helping to support others takes you outside their own troubles for awhile.
  • Find a way to remember both the good and the bad things during the pandemic (ex: shoot a video, write, take pictures).
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